Thank you that I can be me

Dear friends,
 I recently learned a lesson in my life which suddenly turned my life around. All of a sudden, from one day to the next, I suddenly could not go on with my every day life. I suddenly could not do what I am used to do. I like having certain responsibilities and all of a sudden was told to let go of them. In addition, unexpectedly, it looked like I could not be in the environment I was used to and with the people I am used to and love. Something was different from one day to the next. Something was missing from my life. That something was excellent health.
As always my sense of responsibility kicked in again. I could not bare the thought of not taking care of things as I always do. I could not imagine NOT being myself. I always take care of things and I always take care of myself. All of a sudden I was seemingly in a situation that forced me to let go and let others take care of me for once. Suddenly I realized that I missed something. It was not a thing, it was not someone else. I missed ME. I had hated myself and I had hated my body. Suddenly I woke up and I realized that actually I DO love myself. How can you miss something if you don’t love it? Then I looked into the mirror and noticed how healthy my skin looked again – and how pretty it actually is.
My friends, here is my advice: Don’t take anything for granted and try not to complain too much about the little annoying things. There are times in life when you might wish you had them in your life.
Here is to good health for everyone!