Aloha from soul to soul

Dear friends,

A warm Aloha from the magical Hawaiian islands! The gods really must have lived here at some point in time. Mommy, although physically far away I hold you close in my heart. What to do you think the soul is? Do you believe in one? Have you ever seen it? To tell you the truth, I don’t think one can actually see it as I believe it is invisible. However, I know that one can feel it. The other day, something amazing happened to me. I felt my own soul. I was standing in front of the mirror looking at myself. I was just checking whether I looked all right. Then, as I looked at my face, I started to look into my own eyes. At first, the critical self did not like them. To be honest, I don’t like my green eyes. However, the longer I stared into my own eyes the more this feeling went away. I suddenly started to feel a sensation, a kind of energy in my body. It was like when you have goose bumps. Slowly but surely, this negative feeling about myself was replaced wit unconditional love. Suddenly, I had the thought how beautiful I was. I was literally amazed how beautiful I was. It felt like someone else telling me how beautiful I was. Then I smiled. I just had to. Standing there smiling in front of the mirror, I suddenly realized was I had just felt. It must have been my own soul.

For me the soul is some sort of eternal energy which takes the form of your body when you come into this world and leaves your body when it is time to go home, back to wherever it came from. It is the pure essence of who I was, who I am and who I will be sometime in another lifetime. Wherever it is, I know it exists. I know that because I have felt it. I have felt my own soul and I have felt yours when I looked into your eyes, mommy. A few years ago when I looked into your eyes, a remarkable sensation of warmth surrounded my body and the most incredible feeling of unconditional love for you filled my whole being. From another lifetime to this lifetime, from my soul to yours, I pray that I may look into your eyes again some day.

I see divine beauty and love all around me in this exotic place, and I could even imagine living here. However, I look forward to being close to you and to looking into your eyes again, mommy. Because only when I do so, I feel home – wherever I am.

From my soul to yours, I love you eternally.

Love, Barbara

Copyright © 2014 Barbara Bullock

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