The view from my window

When I look out of my window, I see the ocean sparkling in the evening sun. Every day the waves softly pound the beach in the distance. Palm trees are neatly aligned along the bay. There are only a few people left still walking in the sand. A couple is embracing and watching the sun set. A man is jogging along the shore as temperatures slowly begin to decrease and reach a comfortable range for a work out. Finally, a group of tourists is taking pictures of the famous bay. More and more people are coming out to see the gorgeous sunset. Perhaps some of these people come every day. Perhaps some of these people are here only once.

As the sun sets and kisses the horizon gently good night, I hear a sound. I hear the sound of the universe aligning itself and every being in it. The remaining golden sun light glares into my eyes. The city lights are slowly but surely turning on, one by one, as they do every day. Looking out over the hills of this beautiful place on earth I can see many gorgeous villas and properties. There are multi-million homes with huge infinity pools just as mine wherever I look. I feel a gentle breeze on my face. This is not an ordinary place. This is heaven on earth. I hear the sound of closure. As a beautiful day ends, stars start to appear in the evening sky. Twinkling from above my head, they shine down on me from another place and time. Looking towards the left, I can see the moon. It seems that it must be full moon soon. Shining down on planet earth, the moon remains a mystery to me. Powerful yet gentle, it provides light, protection and guidance for all night creatures out there.

At this time of the day, it is time for my evening practice. After closing my eyes and taking a couple of deep breaths, I start my chant. I chant for peace in the world and for happiness. I chant for good health and my loved ones. However, I also chant that one day I will really have such a window to look out of, see the beautiful sunset, and hear the sound of the universe.

Copyright © 2014 Barbara Bullock

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