No matter what we are going through, spring will come again

spring 2014

Dear friends,

I recently took a walk through a beautiful park. As the sun warmed my face and healed my body and soul, I looked at the blossoms in the park and realized that no matter how cold winter was, spring always comes every year. The sun always comes out again. No matter what we are going through right now, remember, spring will come again.

I believe that our lives consist of time periods, so called phases. I am not necessarily talking about childhood, adolescence, adulthood and so on. I am thinking of times in our lives we go through certain things like specific feelings and emotions, which tell us where we are in life. I think that feelings and emotions are our minds and bodies telling us something. I also often have a different form of feeling. I call this feeling intuition. It is like a voice inside of me, deep in my heart and soul, trying to tell me something through this kind of feeling. I have a feeling right now. I feel that something is about to change or to end. As I don’t know the future, I cannot tell what it is exactly of course. I have to admit that this kind of feeling is a bit scary because I don’t know yet what it is about. What is going to happen?

I can tell you what I do in these moments in my life. I turn to nature. I compare this kind of feeling as the fall in nature. Although the foliage is beautiful and there are still warm and sunny days, I know that winter follows. Winter can be a scary time as it is cold and dark. Winter can be a phase in my life where it is cold and dark because I don’t know what I am going to do; I might be lost in some sort of way. Perhaps you hare feeling like this right now.

Therefore, let’s look again at what nature does. Nature always awakens to the beauty and wonderment of new life, sunny days, new growth, singing birds and lots and lots of flowers. After winter spring always returns. As I looked at the blossoms in the beautiful park I recently visited, I was thinking of exactly that. Whatever happens in our lives and whether it is fall or winter, remember, spring always comes again.


Copyright © 2014 Barbara Bullock
Photo credit and copyright © 2014 Barbara Bullock

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