By the way, Happy Easter!

Dear friends,

Nearly a week ago, many people around the world celebrated Easter. Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. First of all, it always takes place in the spring, my favorite season. Among the fragrance of blooming blossoms and flowers, singing birds and the first warm sunshine caressing my skin, I hear laughter. That laughter comes from happy children playing in the garden full of excitement in anticipation of the arrival of the Easter bunny. Children know that the Easter bunny brings chocolate, eggs, and perhaps a few small gifts. What they don’t know is that the Easter bunny brings so much more. Many adults would say that they don’t believe that the Easter bunny is real. I would like to show you why I believe he is real. I believe that while we bring eggs made of chocolate and real ones, it is the Easter bunny, who brings people together and brings them happiness and joy while they share a bond of unconditional love.

A few years ago I spent an amazing Easter weekend in Dublin, Ireland. I was staying at a beautiful resort there. The interior was very elegant and comfortable. The hotel’s Easter decoration was gorgeous with flowers everywhere. The service was impeccable and the lunch I had excellent. I felt pampered. After lunch I went outside to relax in the lovely courtyard. The thought of spending an afternoon relaxing in the warm spring sun listening to the singing birds, and smelling the sweet fragrance of spring flowers in the air inspired me. Slowly, I approached the courtyard and looked around for the perfect bench to sit on. The universe really showered me with a lot of love that day. As I was sitting on a bench watching several families spend quality time together, laughing, cuddling, playing with their children, my heart filled with joy and happiness. The atmosphere was very serene and peaceful. Within that lovely courtyard was a little world on its own. It felt like as if all the problems in the world had disappeared for a few hours. This was a place filled with love, joy, and happiness. It was a place out of a bed-time storybook. With a little imagination the courtyard was filled with fairies and angels.

Suddenly, despite all the delight around me, I became a bit sad. I wished that you, mommy, would have been there. Among all the joy and happiness, I missed you. I thought that moments like these should be spent with one’s loved ones. I wished that I could spend time with you here in this heavenly place. Had you been there, I would have felt like in paradise. Then, all of a sudden, my eyes focused on a window on one of the upper floors of the hotel. I didn’t know why, but something attracted me to this particular window. I could not explain what was happening. As it turned out, you were there; my mommy was there, in the room with that particular window. Paradise was here, right in this courtyard because you, my beloved mommy, were here too. It meant the world to me to know you were there. My heart filled with love beyond our human understanding. It was a magical feeling. Later that day, your smile to me let me know that you were happy too that I was there. Knowing this, made it the best, happiest and most magical Easter I have ever had. Thank you, mommy, for being there. I love you, mommy. And thank you, Easter bunny, for bringing me and mommy together.

Love, Barbara

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