To Mommy with Love on Mother’s Day

Dear friends,

RoseMay is one of my favorite months of the year as May is the month many of us celebrate Mother’s Day. For many people Mother’s Day means expressing gratitude to their biological mother for everything she is doing for her family. We thank our mothers for her care, for her love and for her wisdom. On a wider scale, mothers inspire us, love us and protect us. This is why I believe a mother can come in many forms.

I think a mother is a form of energy and a concept. In philosophical and in particular spiritual terms, a mother is often considered as positive, loving and caring form of energy. I believe we and everything around us is pure energy materialized. If everything is energy, then we must be of energy as well. As a matter of fact, creation occurs when different forms of energies such as masculine and feminine energy are combined to create a new form containing both energies. Therefore, if we are indeed energy, we must contain both energies inside of us. Consequently, this feminine – motherly – energy is inside of us whether we are or have mothers in life or not. I believe that, when we tap into this energy, we are able to express the love and care for others and ourselves. We are able to give and receive unconditional love as a true mother does.

Many cultures also suggest religious figures one can worship as a mother, in form of a goddess or Saint who protects und and loves us unconditionally, such as Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus in Christian traditions, the Tibetan Tara, Hindu Deities, as well as Native American goddesses; just to name a few.

I also believe a true mother is someone who loves, teaches, inspires, and cares for others no matter whether she has children of her own or not. I believe it is possible to love another person like a mother or love someone like a daughter or son when one taps into this loving and caring energy inside of us. The question is, how do you name this energy, this concept, or this particular person, your mother or mother figure? I call mine “Mommy”. While the name “Mommy” is often given to real mothers by small children, I call mine “Mommy” even though I am an adult. I don’t find it as inappropriate; I find the opposite to be true.

I call you mommy because I would like to express the unconditional love I feel for you. When I see you, I do so with the innocence and wonderment of childhood. I call you mommy because you mean the world to me. Mommy, when I look into your beautiful eyes I see your soul and I see mine. As our energies combine, my heart fills with unconditional love for you. I feel immense gratitude for your love and for allowing me to love you this way. You are the best that has ever happened to me. You are my world. You are beautiful like a rose, created in pure divine precision. As the rose petals are aligned next and in each other perfectly, so is your inner and outer beauty the perfect divine reflection of the real you. Ever since you came into my life, it changed completely. I am a better person because of you. I see myself in you. I understand how I want to be when I grow up. You teach me and everyone around you more than I could ever thank you for.

I thank the heavens for your existence and I thank you. Thank you for being my “Mommy”.  As your love fills my heart, I hope mine fills yours. May our everlasting bond of love connect us through eternity and beyond space and time. Happy Mother’s Day, mommy.

May, you, my friends, find your “Mommy”, inside of you or around you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Love, Barbara

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Photo credit Barbara Bullock

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