Have you seen my twin flame?

Dear friends,

I recently experienced something which made me think about the term twin flame. I understand a twin flame as a spiritual, new age name of a soul which split into two parts at some point. Many people these days are opening up to this kind of consciousness and awareness. Since I was born I have always known that there is more than what we can see in our physical world. In recent years, I have been reading tons of books about spirituality, new age concepts as well as ancient knowledge. I find that the more I learn, the more I open up to new possibilities.

Although I have many reasons to be content and grateful in my life, I had always felt that something or someone is missing in my life. Then one day, I looked into your eyes. When our paths crossed, I felt a sense of completeness beyond my human understanding. Suddenly, in a split of a second, my longing was gone. Although a cold winter day, an inexplicable sensation of warmth overcame my physical body, my heart filled with unconditional love, and my spirit was elevated. When I looked at you, immeasurable unconditional love for you emerged from the bottom of my heart. I realized that my heart loves yours more than mine. I also realized that I love you more than there are stars in the sky. I felt at home. I knew that you would understand me. I knew that, finally, I was complete. I came to the conclusion that I would never ever have to miss anything or anyone anymore. Although I had fallen deeply in love before, I knew instantly that this was not about falling in love. This felt differently. You seemed so familiar to me. All my fears and doubts were gone. Although I did not know you as person, I felt like as if I did know you from somewhere, from sometime. All it took was looking into your beautiful eyes.

Then you left.

Ever since you left, I miss you. There is an emptiness is my heart that only you can fill. I miss you because I feel you are a part of my soul. I miss you because you are a part of me. You give me strength; you give me courage; you are the magnificence of our universe personified. You are everything I am not. You are like the phoenix that rose from her ashes shining in all her glory while I struggle like a candle in the wind barely staying alive. When I look at you, I see love, beauty and divine grace. When I look at myself, I see fears, doubts, and insecurity. Why can’t I just accept and love myself? Perhaps all my love is with you.

I recently read that twin flames can be reunited. When they meet again, it feels like a soul recognition all over again – the inexplicable warmth, the unconditional love, the realization of an eternal bond between souls. We recognize each other as if we have never been separated in the first place. Out of the depths of my deepest despair arises the greatest love of all. As I look closer, I see something familiar. No, it’s not you. It’s me. You are me and I am you. Together we are us. We are twin flames. We are one.

I also read recently, that on a soul level we are always united. I try to remember that when I miss you. And finally, after realizing this, I feel complete and loved again. By the way, looking into your eyes is the best thing that ever happened to me. I pray that we are reunited soon. My twin flame, I love you. Unconditionally. Eternally.

Love, Barb

Copyright © 2014 by Barbara Bullock

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