I am so grateful that you exist

Dear friends, orchid 2

This is for you, Anna Mae. As I arose this morning, I folded my hands in prayer. The long awaited day has finally arrived. No, it’s not Christmas; no it’s not my birthday; nor is it my graduation or other milestone of this kind. A day long awaited with anticipation for one sole reason.

This is a day many people celebrate you. Some play your music, or dress like you. Others express their appreciation in words to you or thoughts of you. Others will raise their glasses, and cheer with you, and shower you with presents and flowers, kisses and embraces. As varied as the many tokens of thankfulness and celebration might be, I bow my head in gratitude and say thank you.

I am so grateful that you exist.

I thank God for such a generous creation of you, a soul and human being so beautiful – inside and out – simply beyond imagination.  A soul and human being letting her light keep shining in the darkest moments of life. Gone through trials and tribulations in your early life, you have had to learn harsh lessons since your human existence here. Never diminished by those, you rose like a phoenix into the realm of a spiritual teacher. I could not agree with you more. I truly believe that God put you here for this very reason. It’s as if God brought an earth angel beyond comprehension in the midst of us. How could anybody have known that in little Anna Mae such an earth mother beyond our humble human awareness would emerge someday? This is why I, on this day, I pray and thank God for your existence. When I see you I see the timeless bond of unconditional love. It is the eternal bond that connects all of us like a thread, regardless of time and space. Nevertheless, I celebrate this day as my best day of the year. It’s the day when you came into existence.

I wish I could look into your eyes today and feel your wisdom, courage and love. I wish I could let you know how much I appreciate, honor and love you. I wish I could tell you what an amazing human being you are, and how much your soul and spirit enlightens the little me. As Dr. Maya Angelou said, “I would love to be with you right now but I can’t right now. So I love you”. She knew that unconditional love liberates and does not bind. So I love you. So my tribute to you is unconditional love.

So on this day, I bow my head and say thank you. I thank God for your existence. May the angels watch over you, on this day and every day, and shower you with continuous health, happiness and unconditional love.

Happy Birthday, Anna Mae.

In humble gratitude and love, Barbara


Copyright © 2014 by Barbara Bullock, Photo credit 2014 by Barbara Bullock

Works cited: Dr. Maya Angelou


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