Christmas in Küsnacht – A magical place for Christmas

Dear friends, Slide1

As I wander the streets passing houses seamed with magnificent Christmas lights, the scent of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts in air, snow capped mountains in the distance, and the last rays of sun sparkling on the lake, I know I am home. The people here greet others with a smile and help each other; that’s so kind. No, I don’t live here normally. I am just a passerby. But as Christmas time approaches, I’ll make sure that I come by.

The lake is so serene during the wintertime, so quiet and still. In the distance I see a soft light. As I go closer, I see an angel, as it seems, that now appears in all its might. You once said that angels live where you do; now I know this to be true. But wait, this is not heaven, this place is real. A blissful place like this really exists. It’s a very special place really no one should miss. I come here every year, and even I wouldn’t want to be anywhere. Of course you make this place even more magnificent, even divine. You have made this place your home a long time ago. No wonder why you love it so. Knowing this fills my heart with happiness for you. I know that you that you are fine here and pray that the angels take care of you for many more years. There is something else that’s special here. It’s your unconditional love for everyone that’s for sure. As I feel love in the air, so my heart fills with love from you. My eyes fill with tears of gratitude and happiness for you.

Yet my heart aches a little bit too. It’s my Christmas wish to spend the holidays with you. That’s another reasons to be here; so I can be near. While I cannot be with you at this moment, I am at least near, my dear. But of course I cannot intrude. That would really be rude. So I return to my own chambers for the night, and think of you and your magical Christmas lights. Küsnacht sounds a little like a kiss and good night. So I am sending you a kiss and wish you a good night, one full of love and light, and thank you, Anna Mae, for your Christmas lights, and love. The “Golden Twigs” are gorgeous and shine brightly, just like you.

My dear friends, as the saying goes “home is where the heart is”, I hope you get to spend the holidays wherever your heart is. Christmastime is such a special time of the year. I just love the cheer in the air, the beautiful Christmas lights, the joyful Christmas music, the festive food, the wonderment in children’s eyes, the smiles on people’s faces, and the warmth in everyone’s hearts. Most of all, I love this time as it a time of loving and being loved. I believe that this is what the true Christmas spirit is all about.

I hope you get to spend the holidays with loved ones or near loved ones in a place of love. Wherever that might be; may you find your magical place, and may it be filled with joy and love.

From my heart to your heart, Merry Christmas.

Love, Barbara

Copyright © 2014 by Barbara Bullock, Photo credit © 2014 by Barbara Bullock


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