What’s courage got to do with it?


Dear friends,

I wish you a new year filled with courage. Here is why. As Dr. Maya Angelou used to say, courage is the most important of any virtues. She taught us that we cannot do anything for a long period of time without courage. I think she was right. Take the example of love for instance. I am sure you have been in the situation that you told someone you loved him or her. Yes, it does take courage to do so of course. However, have you been in the situation that you felt you had to keep saying and showing your love? I sure have. When I open my heart and love you, I will tell you. I will show you. You might love me back or you might not. To keep loving no matter what, takes not only consistency and patience, it takes a lot of courage. There might be many adversities and challenges you have to face. Society might not agree with who you love. Your family and friends might not agree with who you love. But when you love someone with all your heart and your affection comes from the purest spot in your soul, I think it does not matter who it is. If your love comes from the truth, I think it’s the right thing to do. Unfortunately, many people seem to judge others too easily and harshly. This is why we often ask ourselves the famous question “What would the neighbors say?” and sometimes ignore our own feelings, wishes and dreams.

I think that too many people live other people’s lives. I also believe that too many people don’t do things and don’t follow their dreams because they are afraid of how other people would judge them. We tend to please other people and live our lives according to others’ expectations. Are you truly happy? This is my question for you today. Many of you will answer this question with a big “No!” Why not? Aren’t you here to live your life according to your wishes? Didn’t your soul create a soul plan for you to live and follow a specific path for you alone? Your soul plan likely includes other people of course. However, it is your path and your life. We are all here to fulfill our own missions, whatever they might be. So why do you still keep asking yourself “What would the neighbors say?” I believe that we often ask ourselves this question out of fear of judgment and perhaps being ridiculed.

Indeed, opinions and wishes might differ, but we don’t. We all come from a place beyond our human comprehension that consists of light, peace, acceptance, and unconditional love. Even the most judgmental person comes from this place. The more you remember that, the more you understand that you don’t have to fear anything and you can do anything.

So what’s courage to do with it?

I wish you all a wonderful new year filled with courage. Go out and do what you have always wanted to do. Go out and tell someone you love him or her, no matter what. Tell your loved one again and again, no matter whether it comes back or not. Do the unexpected, do something exciting, do whatever makes your heart and soul sing! It really does not matter whether it makes anyone else happy. When you are happy yourself, it will make others happy. When you are happy, your inner light will shine on others and raise their vibrations too.  Let’s make ourselves happy this year. Let’s have courage!

That’s what courage has got to do with it.

Love, Barbara

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