Far from home – On the longing of my soul

Maui, HawaiiDear friends,

Have you ever lived somewhere and not felt at home there? Have you ever felt misunderstood, lonely; perhaps even a little alien and very different from everyone and everything around you? I am sure we all have at many points in our lives. I believe we sometimes feel this way when we are not in sync with our spiritual nature.

Throughout my life, I have often felt I am in the wrong place. As I look around, I often see stress, problems, fear, envy and competition, discrimination and injustice; I see hindrance due to man-made rules and regulations. I feel the negativity energy around me and wonder. Where is the other side of the equation? Where have beauty, acceptance, love, joy, hope and freedom gone?

In this moment, I realize that I am more than a human being. In this moment, I try hard to remember that I am a spiritual being having a human existence on planet earth. In this moment, I feel far from my spiritual home. In this moment, nature is my sanctuary.

I wrote a poem the other day called Far from home. I hope it will give you a glimpse of my world and inspire you to find your piece of heaven on earth next time you feel far from home.

Far from home

Ever since I was born I felt far away from my home

Not a house, not the place of residence

Home is where my soul is from is the place I mean.

The place of our origin and destination

The place of pure love, light, and everlasting peace

Colors are brighter here; angels sing here, everything feels lighter and free.

Call it paradise or universe, or even give it a religious connotation.

Whatever you call it, I call it home.

Ever since I was born I felt far away from this place – my soul.

But where is this place of pure happiness, of serenity, of peace?

Where has it gone?


Our modern world so busy, filled with distractions, temptations and tribulations, schedules, deadlines, noises and egos.

Standing in the middle of the noisy crowd

Many people surrounding me yet seemingly forgetting me

Overlooking that I am a soul in a human body, coming here from far

Not a calendar, not another task to be completed, not another issue to be resolved.

Looking around I see many people hustling and bustling

Too busy to remember their true human nature

Not noticing their soul’s cry.


But wait! We are here to fulfill our soul’s mission!

We are here to love and be loved.

Instead, I see people doing things that don’t resonate with them

Pleasing others, chasing time and spending more money for stuff than they can afford.

Stuff that has no meaning, breaking promises and leaving us empty inside

Didn’t you know? Only our spiritual lights really fulfill our hearts and souls.


In this busy place our spiritual home is far and forgotten

But look! In the midst of this modern chaos, just look around!

There are signs of the divine everywhere; even here.

Things so beautiful yet without an explanation,

So magical, so bountiful, so serene, so peaceful

Go see and listen to a waterfall, ocean waves, birds singing, crickets chirping!

Sights and sounds of nature, soothing music to my ears

The hot sun shining on my face, the warm wind embalming my tired body

My soul longs for love and peace.


This feels a bit like home.

Love, Barbara

Copyright © 2015 by Barbara Bullock

Photo credit © 2015 by Barbara Bullock


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