Look closely and you’ll see…..

Look closely to see divine perfection in the spring
Look closely to see divine perfection in the spring

Dear friends,

When you look closely at something, what do you see? What happens when a sight captures you instantly and leaves you in amazement beyond your understanding? I can tell you what you see. Spring time is my favorite season as far as nature is concerned. Running over green meadows, walking through enchanted forests, listening to the songs of the birds, sitting by the lake listening to the sparkling water while enjoying the sun warming my face, I feel free.

Gone are the days of the confinement of winter. Gone are the chills that hold many creatures in captivity during the frigid temperatures and hostile conditions. As new life is bountiful everywhere, something captures my sight. Far in the distance I see something I have never seen before. I decide to get up from my bench and approach it. Bigger and bigger it seems the closer I get. Smaller and smaller do I appear as it stands mightily in front of me. It even blocks the sunlight. “What is this?” I ask myself. Failing to remember what my Biology teacher once told me, I realize that it does not really matter. What does matter is the amazement that I felt on that particular day. “Capture this,” an inner voice told me. I took my camera and held it against the branches. An inner voice instructed me to use the zoom. Knowing that orders from within are usually of celestial nature, I followed my order and held my camera against the object. In astonishment of its beauty, I took a picture of it. As I looked closely, I saw something. Not just something. I realized that this was beauty that only the divine could create. Petal after petal flawlessly aligned next to each other, each contributing its fragment to the seamless whole in pure perfection.

The outcome is the photo included in today’s post. Isn’t it beautiful? Aren’t these blossoms amazing? The outcome was my astonishment of divine beauty entailed in details that can only be captured when you look at the blossom of a tree in the spring closely. Friends, take some time out of your busy days to do just that. Go to the park on a sunny afternoon. Go look at the blooming trees and colorful spring flowers. Look closely though. You won’t see divine perfection unless you do so. Look closely and be astonished. It always works for me especially when I feel depressed and deprived of nature’s beauty after a long, cold winter.




Copyright © 2015 by Barbara Bullock

Photo credit © 2015 by Barbara Bullock


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  1. I love the blossoms! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate your feedback. Love, Barbara Bullock

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