A good reminder of gratitude

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A new morning
A new morning

I have never been a morning person. I can barely get up every morning no matter what time it is. Morning, however, is actually probably the most important time of the day for one thing. No matter how tired I am, I make sure that I do one thing.

As I slowly awake, I open my eyes. I have a photo of a loved one which I love to wake up to and see first thing in the morning. Seeing my loved one makes me grateful. As I gently touch her cheek, I thank God that we are both still alive and healthy. I thank God that I have eyes, that my eyes are healthy and I can see my loved one on that photograph. Next, I stretch and realize that I still have all my limbs, that my muscles allow me to move them and that the connection to my brain works seamlessly. Next, I listen to the news. As I listen, I realize that I have ears that enable me to hear the speaker.

As I gradually get up, I remember Dr. Maya Angelou. She used to make sure that everyone understood how important it is to be grateful, especially when getting up in the morning. Waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast, and rushing out the door to go to work or school every morning might sound or be like a routine for you and it is easy to understand why many people would take this routine for granted.

However, allow me to remind you that there are people who passed away during their sleep last night, people whose health conditions do not enable them to see, hear, or get up without help and people who simply wished they could see another day and another morning. This is why I make sure that I do one thing in the morning. No matter how tired I might be, I make sure to be grateful and express this gratitude to God, the universe, my fate and destiny. Seeing people who are not this fortunate are a good reminder that we cannot take our lives and our health for granted.

May your eyes open in the morning and show you your loved ones and our beautiful world. May gratitude fill your hearts and may you have a wonderful morning.

This post is dedicated to you, Krissy.  A single instant changed your young body and soul forever. Now seemingly in hospice, my prayers for you continue and, while I still hope for a miracle, it saddens me that you might not see another morning. I love you.

A good reminder to be grateful tomorrow morning.

Love, Barbara



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