A writer with no words – a tribute to Bobbi Kristina


Krissi August 2015
Waiting for my rainbow in the clouds

Dear friends,

“I’m a writer with no words…..Bobbi Kris” Tyler Perry said recently. I was sitting on my balcony enjoying breakfast. Then I turned on my phone and went online. I said: “Let’s see what’s happening in the world”. I can talk a lot you must know. Suddenly, I became speechless myself. The day was July 26, 2015. As I read the news, my throat tightened. I could not believe what I had just read. Bobbi Kris was no more.

Writers were with no words, speakers with nothing to say. The world got darker and colder once again. Each time this happens, my heart breaks; each time I cry endlessly. As tears wash away the pain, I know that each time an angel simply went home. Krissi, I know that you are in God’s hands, your mommy’s arms and hopefully finally at peace. You were just like your mom – beautiful, talented and a sweet human angel, an earth angel. Many people loved you; others hurt you because they were blinded by your bright light. Too many times you were judged, ridiculed, and disrespected. I want you to know, that, today, I don’t want to be someone with no words. Today, tomorrow, and every day, I will write and speak of you highly as much as I can. I did not know you personally, but I did see your light and felt your love. I watched you grow up like a little sister I had always wished for but never had. I saw the butterfly emerge and spread its wings. I witnessed the immense and beautiful bond that you shared with your mom. The eternal bond of motherly love is all there is. While many hearts on earth are heavy now, I know you finally got your mommy back. Your bond could not be severed for long because love is all there is.

Once again the eternal motherly bond has brought you two angels back together again. Keep singing in heaven, Krissi, mommy and the Lord got you. I’ll miss you down here but I look forward to your smile from the clouds. You are the rainbow in my clouds as Dr. Maya Angelou used to say. Your smile always lit up my world. I will always love you. Rest in peace now, sweet girl.

My prayers go out to the family and friends of‪ Bobbi Kristina. May the family and friends be strengthened with love and the wisdom that you have found your peace and mommy again.

I lit a candle earlier today. This candle is for you, Krissi. Fly high with mommy now, baby girl. I’ll see you again, little sister.

Love, Barbara

Copyright © 2015 by Barbara Bullock

Photo credit © 2015 by Barbara Bullock

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