A thought on Colette V. Paul’s Butterflies Dance in the Rain, a collection of poetry and prose


Butterflies Dance in the RainDear friends,

As many of you know, I try to live my life in truth and honesty. When I tell you that I love you, I mean it. When I tell you that I don’t, I also mean it. When I review a book, I won’t tell you what you want to hear so you’ll buy it. I won’t tell you the story in an objective, journalistic style. However, I will tell you what I feel, hear and see when I read it – from my heart to yours. Be inspired by my review of Butterflies Dance in the Rain.

To be honest, I don’t remember how I know Ms. Colette V. Paul. What I do remember is a video of her that I had come across on the Internet. As I listened to her speaking one of her poems, I realized that the way she spoke reminded me of someone. Colette’s soft yet strong voice articulating words of wisdom resonated with me immediately. Colette’s outer beauty is a reflection of her inner world of love, faith, hope, and the wonderment of life. Colette has a light around her that shines brightly and enlightens everyone who knows her. However, as Butterflies in the Rain shows its readers, this wasn’t always so. Lessons of life likely propelled Colette into higher spheres of her own spirituality.

I believe that Butterflies in the Rain reflect that to the point. Filled with the sadness of a broken heart, Colette is a true artist with an understanding that there is a higher power we can all call upon in times of distress. Dear God Letter is the quest of such search for healing. It opens the poetry collection and leads me, the reader to the realization that we are all eternal and a part of this higher power whatever name one wants to give it. As Colette realizes that she is a part of this eternal power, her spirits seem to lift and carry me to the next poem. Many poems read like Japanese haikus when so much can be expressed in just a few lines. Colette seems to know instinctively when this is the case. Stillness, aspiration, intuition, love, renewal, music and human tragedies are described boldly without complications as they do not need more words but the recognition that only one thing is needed – love.

Back to reality and everyday problems, Another year feels rushed at first suffocating me, the reader, with stress, disturbance and problems. However, the last three lines free my mind and entail the deep message that I found buried under the problems. Cursed is another favorite of mine and deeply touches my soul. It is as if I almost can feel Colette’s soul crying out for help and freedom. Now the poetry collection gains in speed and depth as I learn more details on Colette’s life changing experiences, newly given responsibilities, facing prejudice and difficult circumstances in I’m Doing Just Fine. Colette puts into words what others cannot express. Suddenly, I knew who Colette reminded me of in the video. I am Woman is a masterpiece filled with dignity and strength of a woman. Elevations and Vibrations bring me back to my memory of watching the video and help me realize that, Colette is, as Dr. Maya Angelou would likely call her, a Phenomenal Woman.

Indeed, Colette is a creative soul on a journey. Life might have knocked her down a couple of times. However, her gift of words lifts her high and let her soul fly freely through life’s turning points and complications. I call Colette the next Dr. Maya Angelou. I don’t say this lightly. I mean it with my heart and my soul. Let Butterflies Dance in the Rain take you to higher spheres. Follow Colette on her journey here:


To Colette: Next time, look up into the clouds. I am sure Maya would be proud of you. Perhaps she’ll put a rainbow in your clouds.




Copyright © 2015 by Barbara Bullock

Photo credit © 2015 by Colette V. Paul

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