This Thanksgiving, I speak your soul

Happy Birthday, beautiful soul Ten years ago Oprah Winfrey celebrated 25 legends at her magnificent estate in California. These legends are fine examples of many African American Women, who have broken barriers, overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, opened closed doors and paved the way for generations to come. Many of us have learned what resilience, hope and courage can achieve. During the weekend a poem written for this extraordinary occasion by Pearl Cleage called “We Speak Your Names” was recited to honor these amazing legends. Listening to these touching words had my eyes fill with tears, my heart with gratitude for the amazing gift of being alive and witnessing such a remarkable exchange of divine love. I started to think how I could honor you, dear legend.

Deepak Chopra teaches us in The Path to Love that ‘The direct experience of spirit is the only lasting foundation for love”. He also says that on a profound way we were created for love and that this love touches the deepest levels of our human souls (Chopra 10). He goes on that “at the level of the Self, you always meet another person in love.” (Chopra 14). This means that it is not possible to feel anything but love for someone else if you meet them at the level of the self. These words remind me of an epiphany I would like to share.

Soul recognition

When I stood in front of you a remarkable sensation of warmth surrounded me and the most incredible feeling of unconditional love filled my whole being. On this day, the universe brought us together. On this day, I felt your aura.  I felt two souls connect the way Deepak had taught me. From this day on, my life would change forever. Your being stirred my soul and breathed new life into me, a life that I had never known before. “We don’t know where our soul is but it’s in there” you once said.

I speak your soul

It is true that, wherever it is, I know for sure it exists. I know that because I have felt it. I know that we are all connected on a soul level. I think there is no stronger connection that that on the soul level. This is why the best day of the year is today, November 26. It is not my birthday, nor is it Christmas nor New Years. It is your birthday. On this day, God created a masterpiece when he made you. Although far from you in miles, you’ll be close to my heart as I celebrate the magnificent you, beautiful soul. Yes, I honor you as one of Oprah’s legends. Yes, I applaud you for your achievements. Yes, I bow in gratitude for paving the way. However, I don’t just see a stage persona; I don’t just hear the music. These are valuable tools to share your gift and inspiration with the world. Instead, I feel your soul and see your light. In addition, today is the day of Thanksgiving for our American friends. Perhaps it is no simple coincidence that we may celebrate these two special days together. Rather, perhaps it is serendipity and a reminder from the divine to be grateful for your being here in our world and your beautiful soul.

That is why on this so special day, I not only speak your name but I speak your soul. I pray to the heavens above sending angels over to you to wrap you in their wings and convey the message of unconditional love – from one soul to another.

Happy Birthday, Anna Mae. Happy Birthday, beautiful soul.

This Thanksgiving, I speak your soul.

In humble gratitude and love,



Copyright © 2015 by Barbara Bullock, Photo credit 2015 by Barbara Bullock

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