All alone in a crowd


City lights in modern life
City lights in modern life

Recently, while I was standing at a busy street corner, I realized something. Every few seconds a person passed by. Some people stared at me while they slowly walked by. Others rushed by so quickly that they seemed not to notice me standing there at all. For a few people I even seemed invisible as they almost ran me over. In moments like this one, I wish I was a statue that cannot be knocked over remaining sturdily no matter what goes on around it. Four streets interconnect at that particular intersection. Traffic is intense no matter what time of the day it is. While the street seemed getting noisier and more crowded with every minute that passed, I became more and more silent.

Standing there surrounded by people, cars, and modern city noise, I became thoughtful. On the one hand I realized that our planet and the world we live in becomes more and more crowded with each day that passes. On the other hand, many people, perhaps even more than ever before, including myself, are often lonely. Standing on that street corner, in the middle of traffic, pedestrians, and modern life, I became lonely. I realized that, yes, we have family and friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Most human beings alive today communicate more with others than ever before in history. We call each other, text each other, and e-mail each other. We greet each other in the hallway or on the street. We quickly ask each other about our well-being just to hear “I am fine. How are you?” Too busy for a truthful response or a thorough discussion, we often walk on.

Our fast paced modern life leaves almost no time nor space for the big, philosophical questions about the meaning of life and why we are here. “Too busy”, many say. I, on the other hand, always make time for thought provoking questions. I simply have too. I would not feel complete if I didn’t. Many people call me weird. Some call me a spiritual person. A few awakened. Indeed, I call myself a spirit having an earthly existence. When I remember my soul’s longing, I become lonely. It is in this moment that I feel all alone in a crowd standing on that busy street corner. It is not easy to be a spiritually awakened person when so many are not. Suddenly, I feel a light touch on my cheek. No, it is not the wind caressing me softly. It is my spirit guide sending me a sign from heaven to let me feel her presence and know that, I might feel lonely here on earth, but I am never alone.

Love, Barbara

Copyright © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, Photo credit © 2016 by Barbara Bullock. Photo taken in Universal City, Los Angeles June 2016.

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