Mother Nature really does know best



Mother Nature really does know best. As the warm autumn sun caresses my spirit with golden rays, I become nostalgic. Slowly but surely I start to realize that there are only three months left this year. I reminisce the time gone by, the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year, the lessons I have learned, and the changes I have made. I also think about my long list of things to do that are yet to be done. Really? Only three months left? “That can’t be! I have not done everything I wanted to do this year,” my mind tells me.  “I wanted to write a book and inspire the world,” my heart expresses. “I wanted to be more loving and help more people in need,” my soul whispers softly.

Walking through the park, I take notice of the colorful yellow and red leaves. They are bold; they shine brightly; they raise the vibration of the energy surrounding them. I don’t know anyone who does not love fall foliage. Looking at these vibrant miracles of nature, I thank Mother Nature for enlightening my path once again. Mother Nature reminds me that fall is not a time to run and get things done. Fall is not a time to be sad over time gone by, stressing even more, panicking over how much time is left this year, and counting how many things I have not done. Instead, Mother Nature shows in all glory that it’s time to slow down. The days are getting darker and cooler yet Mother Nature warms my heart and soothes my soul walking through this beautiful park in the middle of the busy city. Mother Nature shows in vibrant colors that it is time to enjoy the sight and to take it all in – now.

In a few weeks from now all leaves will have fallen, skies will be gray, and nights will be cold and dark. Once nature withdraws from the outside world, birds leave for warmer lands, and the sun sets in the afternoon, there will be time to get things done. For now, enjoy the show of fall foliage. Let the warm autumn sun caress your spirit. Allow the colors of the leaves raise your vibration, balance your chakras, and give you energy for the upcoming winter. Wave the birds moving south goodbye. Mother Nature knows when it’s time to slow and when it’s time to grow. Mother Nature really does know best.




Copyright © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, Photo credit © 2016 by Barbara Bullock

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