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Festive lights signify the start of the holiday season. Make it a more loving one by sending a message of love. Barbara Bullock

At Thanksgiving, many people usually give thanks for the food, blessings, and love they have received over the year while enjoying traditional foods and spending time with family and friends. In addition, I give thanks by sending a message.

I spent Thanksgiving at a luxury hotel enjoying a feast of warm soup, a variety of delightful appetizers, juicy turkey, yummy sweet potatoes, and a dessert table with a chocolate fountain and pies so perfectly created they looked like they had just come out of a contest. The evening was lovely. I felt deeply grateful to be blessed by this sumptuous meal. At the same time, I felt guilty. The entire evening I could not stop thinking of the homeless person sleeping under a window I had passed on the way to my place of indulgence. On my way home, I could not stop crying. Why would life be so unfair?

As a humanitarian and empath, I often wish I could save the entire world. Make it a little better for everyone. Make our world a little more loving. I admit I love lavish surroundings. I also love helping others. Some people just need a roof over their heads or other material items to survive. Some people just need someone who cares about them. Some people just need someone who listens or someone who holds their hands. Some people just need a little bit of love. Some people simply need to hear your message of love.

This Thanksgiving, let us give thanks for all the many blessings we have received. Furthermore, this Thanksgiving and every day, let us send a message of love to people in need and people we love. There is already enough turmoil in our world. The news is filled with negativity and fear. Let us respond with love by sending little messages of love. It is so easy to send a message of love. I can’t save the entire world. No one can. But each and every one of us can send a message of love. I would like to show you how.

This Thanksgiving and every day, let us remember people in need and loved ones. Share your goods with someone less fortunate, give someone a hug of comfort just to show you are there, assist a stranger for no reason, and send the most beautiful flowers to someone you love just to brighten the day. These are a few examples. The list of opportunities is endless. I am certain that you’ll find something to do. I just did, and I hope you will too. A small gesture for one can mean the world to the other. No matter how big or small it is, it is a message of love. If sent with good intention, I am sure it will arrive and appreciated. May our world be a little better, a little more loving.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Love, Barbara


Copyright © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, Photo credit © 2016 by Barbara Bullock, taken at Marriott Hotel Vienna November 2016

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