Eat yourself happy!

My plate - filled with high vibrating fruits and vegetables
My plate filled with high vibrating fruits and vegetables

As much as I love the holiday season and any celebrations that beautify and celebrate life, those festivities also take their tolls on my body and mind when it comes food. Overeating of traditional, mostly heavy food is often the norm and tradition. In addition, winter time is frequently associated with spending more time indoors, curling up on the sofa with high-carb foods and too many sugary snacks. In addition, cravings for starchy foods and chocolate are the worst for me during this time of the year. While it is true that such food choices often do keep us feel warmer and our tummies filled, they empty our minds and sadden our souls. However, you can eat yourself happy! Let me explain.

Since ancient times, metaphysicians have agreed that everything in and around us is energy. For those not familiar with this, I’ll be happy to elaborate on this another time. For the time being, just know that every person, animal, plant, and objects (yes that even includes the chair you are probably sitting on while you are reading this), are made of energy. Everything you see around you vibrates at a certain frequency. You vibrate at a specific frequency as well. Every cell in your body vibrates. Energy is life.

What has this to do with food? Because everything is made of energy, so is the food that you eat. In particular, it can be said that colorful fruits and vegetables vibrate on the higher end of the energy scale, while carbohydrates such as sugar vibrate on the lower scale. When you eat something, you absorb the energy and vibration of that particular food. This means that this energy merges with your own energy patterns.

What has this to do with happiness? You can eat yourself happy. Basically, what it means is this. When you vibrate higher, you are more likely to feel happier, healthier, more blissful and more loving. The reason is that these emotions and conditions can be found among higher frequencies, while negative states and feelings such as disease, depression and sadness, even anger and rage, vibrate on the lower end of the energy scale. This is exactly how I started to feel a few weeks ago. Furthermore, in recent weeks, my body has become sluggish and simply not as fit and strong as it could be.

I know that this condition is from the many comfort foods that I have enjoyed in recent months. I also know that my body, mind, and soul are literally begging me to feed them with nourishing, high-vibrating, and healthy food choices again. I love the feeling of being healthy, fit and happy. Who doesn’t? Therefore, I have made the decision to go vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free as much as possible during this lent season. My basket is filled with fruits, my fridge with veggies, and my body, mind, and soul will soon be overflowing with health and happiness again. I invite you to join me. Eat yourself happy.

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