Now, this is real success

Be like the ocean. Share your abundance. It’s unlimited. Barbara Bullock, M.F.A.

I recently had to write an essay on the topic of success for a course I have been taking. I was supposed to define success. There is a famous saying “what goes around comes around”. Most people understand this saying as karma and is understood as whatever you give out into the world comes back to you. For example, if you are kind to others, kindness will come back to you. If you hurt others, it will haunt you in some way in the future. What does this have to do with success? Let’s explore.

I define success as the way and magnitude to which extend a person improves him or herself. We are all born into certain circumstances. These are culture, society, time, socioeconomic and educational levels, and others. In addition, our upbringing and taught self-worth influence our living conditions. This outlook is the starting point. During our lives, each and every one of us embarks on his or her life journey. Throughout our lives, we grow, learn, and improve ourselves. Some people do this in small ways, others in big ones. Many people make a difference in their families and communities, a few change the world for the better and become a very influential, internationally known historical, political, or religious figure impacting the world for years to come.

I believe that the definition of success is a very personal matter as it depends on one’s own perspective. Many people define success in terms monetary wealth or influence on society. Certainly, success can be measured in fortune and power.  However, for me, success is more than figures on a bank account or levels in a hierarchy. I call someone successful when a person overcomes obstacles, breaks barriers, reaches goals, improves him or herself, and then shares this success with others by sharing funds or teaching what the person has learned throughout the journey. Let me explain. Now, this is real success.

What has this to do with karma, what goes around comes around? Reaching a goal just for oneself is, in my opinion, just that. It is reaching a goal. Reaching a goal and becoming successful certainly, brings temporary bliss. Everyone has experienced this several times in our lives. Suddenly, this happiness wears off, and we find ourselves looking for something else or start wanting more, just to find out that the new goal won’t satisfy our egos either. Why is that? I believe that this kind of achievement and success is ego driven. The ego is trying to be successful just for itself. This is why it won’t last because the ego is never satisfied for a long time.

However, if someone becomes successful and then shares this success with others so other people can improve their own lives, this is true success coming from a much higher level than the ego. It is much longer lasting, has a bigger impact on others and comes back to the person who was successful in the first place. How? With gratitude. Many people will be very grateful for your sharing, your teaching, your contribution, your positive impact. With gratitude, success leads to fulfillment and fulfillment is true happiness.  To true success and a better world. Now, this is real success.




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