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          I am sure you can relate to this. Throughout our lives, we fill out numerous forms. Most of you have likely submitted countless applications, resumes/CVs, cover letters, and references in hopes of being among the few lucky ones making it through the first round of screening hoping not to be tossed into the garbage can right away. Many of you have submitted samples of your writing, articles, book proposals, lyrics, screenplays, poems, photographs or similar artistic work in anticipation that someone – anyone really – would discover your creative side. Many of you likely have applied for loans, and various forms of financial aid in hopes that someone would trust you with more money so you can make your next dream come true or, at least, pay your open bills if nothing more. In any case, it’s all about some sort of approval. At least most people think so.

            Once you have added even more copies to your already overflowing document folder, all you can do is hope (and perhaps pray) and whatever you have just applied for, will be approved. Time seems to stop while you wait anxiously by the telephone checking your mailbox several times a day. Day after day, no response. The waiting game begins. “Should I follow up?” you might be asking yourself. “Can I ask whether they even received my application? What if my forms got forwarded to the wrong department?” In our administrative, complicated world, these are justified questions of course. Papers, forms, documents, get filed wrongly or forgotten. Clerks are out the office or change positions having your file sit on their desks. Your analytical mind likely goes through all possible scenarios while you wait for your approval.

            Days turn into weeks; weeks turn into months; you are still waiting. What are you waiting for? “Approval” you might say. Let me tell you something. You are already wanted. You are already appreciated. You are already approved. The kind of approval I would like to remind you is that you are not the person with a name on the form, letter, or document. You are more than your work experience, education, circumstances, status, income, and address.

            You are already approved. When you were born into this world as the person you are today, you came from a beautiful place many call heaven, the spirit world, universal intelligence, higher self, or God. It is no coincidence that you were born and are here right now on our planet Earth. This higher realm makes no mistakes. You are here because you have a purpose here. You are talented. You are intelligent. You are needed and valuable. Look at a beautiful flower. You are perfect just like the flower. You are the right fit. You are wonderful. You came from the same place as the seed of a beautiful flower. No approval needed. You are already approved. I am glad you are here.



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