The dream of a wealthy world

I dream of a wealthy world.

Money is not everything. You probably have heard this phrase repeatedly. Perhaps you believe it and live by it. It is true that many beautiful things in life are actually free of charge. It is also correct that many things cannot be bought with money nor do they have to. Our Mother Earth supplies us with everything we need. True love, friendship, and compassion and more cannot be bought with any known currency. Nevertheless, I do believe in and dream of a wealthy world with lots and lots of money in it. Let me explain.

I grew up in a blue-collar family and neighborhood. Rarely did I experience or see anything that most people would call rich or wealthy in a monetary sense. I am talking about millionaires living a luxurious lifestyle. Truth be told, I only saw them on television. I was probably the biggest fan of the most popular soap operas of the 80s and 90s that portrayed wealthy families owning real estate, wineries, oil companies, multi-million dollar corporations and the like. I always loved marveling at their mansions, luxury cars, fancy clothes, and diamonds. I was so fascinated by the characters and stories that I would watch these shows over and over again.

I was so absorbed in the scenes that I almost forgot where I was. I was in my wealthy world. While I enjoyed watching the luxuries, I also understood that with such riches so much good in the world can be done. As I learned about giving, tilting, charity, and philanthropy, I started loving the idea of being wealthy myself. Ever since I was old enough to grasp the difference between rich, middle class and poor, I wanted more out of my life for this reason. From the time when I was a little girl, I wanted to help others, especially less fortunate people.

When I look around today, I see much wealth and luxury. I have also been very fortunate to enjoy it every once in a while. However, I also see a lot of poverty and need. It pains my heart that many children will die of hunger in their mother’s arms while you read this and while tons and tons of food are thrown away. It is unimaginable for me that millions of people don’t have warm clothes and shoes to wear, no homes to come home to, no education accessible to them to better themselves and so many other things that are quite affordable today.

This is why I dream of a wealthy world. This is why I dream of a wealthy me. I dream of being able to share what I have with the less fortunate. The more money I make, the more I can share. I dream of having my own foundation some day. I dream of a world free of poverty. In this sense, money is almost everything. This is my dream world. This is my dream of a wealthy world.




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