A message to Craig with love from Barb – The day the world lost its soul brother

Sunrise 1958
Sunset 2018
Love = eternal

The day the world lost its soul brother

These posts are the most difficult to write. Yet I have been hearing the cries of many in need of such imprinted support. I hope that this message to Craig Raymond Turner will leave many with a bit of healing and inspiration.

Dear Craig,

When I got the news, I almost screamed. Frantically searching the Internet for the truth, I kept looking for the “forget it, just a hoax” sign. But there was none. Instead, more and more messages of broken hearts, RIPs and symbols of sadness started pouring all over. So, sudden, so unexpected, so tragic. This just could not be real. And yet it was. No relief in sight. My first thought was all family. Oh my God. Unimaginable sorrow came over me. My heart broke for your mother Anna Mae. This must be the worst day of her life so far, and I felt completely helpless. What a nightmare to go through for a mother, any mother. I so wished I had wings to put your family under for comfort. I held everyone tight with love in my thoughts and prayers and reached out to those I could. The worst is that, when we lose such loved ones, there is no going through. This loss is forever.

Time to heal

Not long after the terrible news, I dreamed of you, Craig. Thank you for coming into my dream. I am sorry to learn how you were hurting. I hope you find the peace you could not find here back in our spiritual home surrounded by loved ones and the angels. Your soul and heart need a lot of healing and recuperation in our heavenly home now. I am certain that your guardian angels will help you get to the light out of the darkness you seemed to see all around you on earth. Many of us will never get answers to the questions we have. What I know for sure is that this is not the time to judge, blame, nor speculate but a time to forgive and heal.

One day at a time

 For weeks, my tears kept falling every day especially in a moment of silence and late at night. Loneliness crept into my being as nothing made sense anymore. I did not feel like doing anything anymore. The world without Craig was not the same anymore. How to go on? I took your Buddhist advice by trying to live in the present, by letting the past go and not worrying about the future. Tears might not fall every day for the rest of my life, but my heart still wrenches and my throat tightens when I think of you and realize that you are indeed not among us anymore. My tears are drying, but I will always cry for you.

Kindness and encouragement in person

Craig, you will probably never know how much of a spiritual brother, friend, and mentor you were to me. You were so kind to me and so many others. I already miss your inspirational posts on Social Media on positive thinking, Buddhism, and success. Your thumbs up, birthday wishes and encouragement meant the world to me and were an honor. Seeing you online made my day like sunshine on a cloudy day. Your presence made me always wonder how you were doing on that day. You had an amazing, warm smile and bright light. Handsome as can be, all will be missed terribly on this planet.

On success, luxury, and traveling the world

I truly looked up to you and learned so much from you. I always looked out for your news of success and happiness, as I knew how much you deserved it all. Craig, you and I had so much in common. We liked many of the same things, luxury, music, good food, chanting, and traveling the world, and knew that not even the sky is the limit. You inspired me, encouraged me, uplifted me. You helped me to keep going because I knew that if you could do something, so could I at least try. I used your advice the other day and stood up for myself. Who is going to teach me now? By working on improving your life condition by chanting, working hard, and the law of attraction, you taught me so much. A true spiritual friend lost forever.

BBQs and Real Estate will never be the same again

Just before you left us, I saw a BBQ grill and thought of you. I wanted to send you a photo of it. But then it was too late. You were an amazing chef. Now when I see BBQs, soul food, and recipes, I think of you. Besides, I am still working on my goal to purchase my own home. Who is going to sell me my future house (better be a mansion) now? One day, I wanted to give you a call to show me around. I wanted you to get my commission. I saw how hard you worked to learn, advance, and make it in this business. I would have been so proud to call you my realtor.

The world’s brother

Here is another lesson you taught me.  Do what you can today. Enjoy life, have fun with your friends, hug your loved ones today and spend time with them. Life is so precious. You had so many buddies to hang out with, travel with, and enjoy the good things and moments in life. I believe that many people near and far felt your caring, loving, and fun energy. For so many, including me, you were and will always be like a brother, truly the world’s brother. A brother I never had but always wished for. Until I knew you.

Happy birthday in heaven – Mother Anna Mae’s baby

Happy birthday in heaven dearest Craig. This month it would have been your 60th birthday, and I looked forward to celebrating you and seeing where your new decade would take you. My heart is weeping for you, Craig, and my prayers up for all family and friends. 60 years ago, you were your mother’s baby. 60 years later you still are and will always be. I can’t take her pain but will make sure that she knows that her and the family, no matter what happens in life, will always be loved and supported as much humanly possible. May their faith and the love from everyone get them through this day and always, Mother Anna Mae and all family and friends missing you, our beautiful baby Craig.

Something beautiful remains

During her career, your mother recorded a song that I find is so fitting here. “Something beautiful remains”. Among the lyrics are “tears will leave no stain, time will ease the pain, for every light that fades, something beautiful remains”. Something beautiful indeed remains after your passing, Craig. That is friendship, community, and eternal love. Let me explain.

Not long after your passing, many of your friends and family gathered to celebrate your life. Loved ones from near and far said their goodbyes on one day and set your spirit free. On another, prayer halls at the SGI center were filled with chants for your life and soul. Finally, old friends and family reminisced their memories of you over your so beloved Soul food. In addition, those who could not attend in person got together and joined in by remembering, praying, and chanting for you around the world at their own location in their own time.


May you find the peace in your heart and soul in our heavenly home. I miss you and will love you forever. Your mother taught us to go Beyond. Prayer brings back peace to the soul. Craig, you have touched hearts worldwide with your wisdom, kindness, and smile. Gone much too soon from us, the world came together to chant and pray for your eternal life and lift your family and friends up in prayer during this difficult time.

Many of us now keep gathering now in your memory to connect, uplift, and inspire each other as friends, as brothers and sisters. As new friendships are formed and bonds of eternal love are deepened, I know it’s you. You must be smiling from above seeing us connected just as you did while among us.

Something beautiful remains indeed. This is the power of eternal, unconditional love that remains. While many of us will grieve for you forever, we also know that the love that remains among us is truly something beautiful. True love comes from the soul. On the soul level, it is pure, timeless, and unconditional. Peace be with you, soul brother Craig. We love you and we’ll see you again when it is our time to enter through heaven’s gate. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Rest in peace now and fly high. You are indeed free. You are home.

I love you, my Soul brother.




Barbara Bullock

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