The miracle of Anna Mae on November 26

Little Anna Mae

Anna Mae Bullock from Nutbush, Tennessee.
Experience her story in the Tina – Tina Turner musical.

Little Anna Mae and I would have gotten along so well as children. The little girl from Tennessee, the cute tomboy escaped to nature when times were lonely, the same I did when I was so. I know she was beautiful inside and out, braids, dress and all, running over the meadows in her rural community. Little did residents know, what a treasure God had planted there. I must have watched this precious little girl from the heaven’s above as I can still hear her laughter, far in the distance of past times still echoing and incomparable to this day. Clearly, little Anna Mae was born with the drive and joy of life she would need to take her through all trials and tribulations ahead. Beginnings were not easy, but she was born with an army of heavenly helpers such as angels surrounding her to assist her on her path. It must be so. Otherwise, I cannot explain her everlasting God given strength, courage, and tenacity with which she masters every unbearable challenge thrown at her in her life to this day. And there would be many.

Keep going no matter what

During her career, she gave the world her all as Tina. And still she goes on. Anna Mae is talented beyond measure in everything she touches. Whatever Anna Mae does, coordinates, and decorates, is changed forever by her immense wisdom, unique style, grace, and sense of beauty. She makes everything beautiful and magical. Empty houses become cozy homes, simple stories become fairy tales, unpretentious melodies become hymns, strangers become family.

Dear Anna Mae,

This Thanksgiving, I have had so much to be grateful for. This year has not been easy with changes in my life, new challenges, and the huge loss we all, but of course especially you as a mother, suffered in the summer. But we have a lot to be thankful for. I am so thankful that I could be of support to you; for Erwin, your ultimate life saver; God and your spirit guides who guided everyone to make the right decisions. I am thankful for your doctors’ knowledge and experience to help heal you. I am grateful for the moment in time when Erwin was wheeled into your room to realize that he still had you and you him when you opened your beautiful eyes.

Thank you for opening your heart and telling the world your love story. Knowing what you have been through is heartbreaking. I cannot imagine how difficult the past few years were for you, but I see clearly the love that saved you. The recent revelations of many health challenges over the last few years made me realize that our beautiful Anna Mae is not a queen in a fairy tale who lives forevermore but a human being worthy of cherishing as such. With strenuous working days behind you, hopefully, everyone agrees that it is not the time to be asking for more unless you agree and it keeps you motivated. Nothing will make me happier than to see you, Anna Mae, healthy and joyful in your garden enjoying the sunshine in your life for many years to come.

You are wanted

You have given so much love to so many throughout your life so far, and I hope that it is returned to you multiplied and reaches your beautiful heart. I know very well that no one can replace someone’s missing love, be it from a parent, a partner, or someone you thought was your friend. I know what it feels like not to be wanted. You are wanted. You are needed.

We still need you. Your Erwin, your family, your soul family, your friends and Tina’s fans still need you here on earth happy and healthy. You are our wife, mother, aunt, grandmother, great grandmother, friend, neighbor, earth mother, soul mother, and so much more. Please don’t give up just yet. Whatever life throws at you down the road we can’t know. But know this: You got this because we got you. Always remember my promise. And the miracle of Anna Mae goes on.

November 26

Today is a day of celebration. My favorite day of the year. The year was 1939 in Tennessee and Anna Mae was born on November 26. What a miracle! Every day is a miracle of life. Of your life, little Anna Mae. And still, you go on. A prayer for many mornings to come when you open your beautiful eyes. A prayer for many more joyful times that make you smile. Because when you smile, the world is a better place. When you smile, you warm my heart when I know that Anna Mae is happy. Happy birthday beautiful Anna Mae.

For those who happen not to know Anna Mae Bullock’s/Tina Turner’s story, you have not been at the Tina The Tina Turner musical yet. Then it’s time to go!!! Bring tissue with you though. You’ll cry happy tears for little Anna Mae from Nutbush, Tennessee when her story touches your heart.

With all my heart,



Barbara Bullock
Spiritual writer

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Photo credit by Tina: The Tina Turner Musical
Tina – The Tina Turner Musical 
Director: Phyllida Lloyd, Venue: Aldwych Theatre, Choreographer: Anthony Van Laast, Music director: Thomas Kelly, Producers: Tina Turner, Joop van den Ende, Stage Entertainment, Tali Pelman

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