A holiday message in uncertainty

A very different holiday season

Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanza, happy holidays from my heart to yours. This year, I am spending my holidays very differently from what I usually do. This made me sad for a moment because I am not used to it this way and miss my traditions, locations and people. It’s Christmas Day afternoon and slowly but surely we are moving through this holiday.

Indeed very different for all

So I started thinking. This Christmas is so different from many before for many and I am spending it very differently too. Unexpected, unusual. And I can’t say I like unusual! This makes me sad. No traveling the world. Not doing what I usually do. However, this year, many people will spend their holidays as usual without taking the health and safety of others into consideration. This makes me sad because I know this has consequences for all. This year, many people will spend their holidays at a hospital. This makes me sad even more. This year, many people will look at an empty seat at the table. A seat that used to be occupied by the loved one taken by a pandemic (or other cause of course). I cannot imagine their agony. This year, many people (and think of children) won’t get presents because they have lost their living due to the pandemic. This year, many are lonely because they have no one sitting next to them. All this makes me so sad, even mad. Why on earth did it have to come to this? Why oh why? As a fellow human being, unfortunately, I don’t really have an answer.

Gratitude for what is

All I know is that this year I’ll have to make due with this photo here of the “golden twigs” taken at Christmas pasts in Küsnacht, Switzerland. I also know that this year, I am blessed to make a living, have a safe home, plenty of food, and enjoy good health and company despite this pandemic. I think that is still a lot to be thankful for. Even if our lives might not be how we would like them to be, many of us still have a lot. And maybe this is the best gift this year.

Leads to a loving heart

For all those who feel anxious or sad because many tragedies happened to you this year, I send you my love and light and send you hope for times yet to come filled with happiness, smiles and laughter once again.

Happy holidays. Love, Barb

Copyright © 2020 by Barbara Bullock

Photo credit by Barbara Bullock

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