Be a Rhonda

Be a Rhonda

Names have a meaning. Names are Words. And words are powerful. I recently googled the name Rhonda to find out the meaning of this name. Of this word. First, I came across the result that, according to the Internet, Rhonda is of Welsh origin. To my surprise, however, it was also mentioned that the name Rhonda is Greek. Finally, I decided to come up with my own definition. And while doing that, I realized how special Rhonda is. Let me explain.


R = stands for being resourceful, being wise, educating yourself, being open to learning something new. This way you become resourceful. This way you can help someone in your life by knowing more about a particular subject so you can teach them, give great advice and wise counsel.

H = stands for heartfelt, having a good heart, being kind, watching out for others, caring about and for others, and unconditional love.

O = stands for having open arms, always being there for others, for hugs to comfort them when in need but also to be open and always ready to listen to them and, most importantly, to believe in others even when no one else would do.

N = stands for being natural. Being you in all that entails, being honest and truly you to others. Being natural means not being afraid of who you truly are, embracing your gifts and talents, and sharing them with others to inspire others. Like nature, being natural means not pretending to be someone or something else but what one sees is what one gets. Standing strong like a rock in nature not afraid of being there just as is.

D = stands for being someone very dear, someone we all admire, can look up to, love with all our hearts, and know that the same person loves us back as well no matter what. This is someone we can really count on no matter what happens in our lives; this is someone who is a dear, dear friend. Someone who gives the best advice and has our best interest at heart. Like a dear friend.

A = stands for angel. Sometimes in life, we come across very special people in our lives. They love us unconditionally, are here for us, inspire us, support us, and most of all, believe in us even when no one else seems to do. Such people are truly angels in our lives. They accompany us on our journey of life for many years, and, when such a person spreads their wings and flies to heaven, we are heartbroken. Yet we know that such a special person continues to be our angel in heaven looking out for us from the great Beyond until we meet again.

I hope you have a Rhonda in your life, a dear friend, a confidant, a true friend, someone you can trust, someone who believes in you before anyone else. And if you don’t have someone like this in your life, or even if you do, be a Rhonda. Be that dear friend, the confidant, someone others can trust and rely on, have a kind heart, be natural and show your true you without pretense and secrets, be that rock someone can count on. Be a Rhonda for someone else. Here is to all Rhondas in our lives. I hope you have one in yours.

This post is dedicated to Rhonda Graam in loving memory. I know that you are a really special angel. Thank you, for being Rhonda.

Love, Barb

Barbara Bullock, M.F.A., spiritual writer copyright © 2021 by Barbara BullockPhoto credit: Photo and text by Barbara Bullock, February 2021. Disclaimer: This post states the author’s opinion only for a free personal blog that serves to inspire others and is not meant to represent Ms. Rhonda Graam, Tina Turner, nor her associates. It is not a judgment of any characteristics of any person mentioned. No harm or infringement intended. Barbara Bullock.