Black Girls Matter

How to change the world – one woman at a time

A beautiful black little girl

Every moment somewhere in the world a black baby girl is born. Every moment a beautiful baby girl will open her gorgeous eyes. She will look at the world with not just beautiful eyes but a fresh and new look at the world we live in. Imagine the world she sees. Visualize for a moment her world. Feel the wonderment that a baby must feel when she looks with new hope and unconditional love at everything surrounding her. This beautiful baby girl has her whole life in front of her.

A world around her

Recently born into this world she looks at the many things around her, the people and objects surrounding her, the crib she is in, the room she sleeps in, the house she grows up in, the school she goes to. She starts to wonder what career and job opportunities she has, and if she is lucky, she will know that she has talents and gifts to share with our world. Full of hope for a wonderful new life here on earth she wonders what kind of life she will have; what kind of opportunities she will get.

Historyis her story

She learns from her caregivers, her family, friends, teachers, her neighbors, the people in her town, in her country, in her world. History lessons teach her that many times in the past, there seems to be something wrong, different with someone like her. History lessons teach her the excruciating times her ancestors have endured. As this baby girl grows up, she will look to everyone who teaches her, everyone who looks at her, talks to her, shows her. Unfortunately, many times she will learn that, no, not everyone is nice to her. No, not everyone thinks she is worthy of her own dreams. No, not everyone sees her as beautiful. No, not everyone believes she has a right to a wonderful life with equal opportunities and justice like everyone else.

Inspiration is her future

However, history will also present her with inspiring people who have come before her. These people come here on earth to learn, become successful in what they do, and teach future generations to come about what is possible if you believe in yourself and in the causes important to you so you can make a difference in this world. Such someone will also teach her how far her ancestors have come in the fight for equal civil rights, justice, and opportunities for all.


And then one in a million, someone really special comes along to teach something to all of us. Like an earth angel, they lift and empower millions. Such an earth angel will shine her light into the darkness that surrounds too many people every day. Such an earth angel gives hope, strength, and love. Such an earth angel leaves such a hole in the earth plane when it is time to go home to heaven but will also leave behind a legacy many future generations will remember and cherish. A true legend is someone who walks the path before us. A true legend is someone who opens doors for future legends and shows them possibilities unseen before. Such a legend was once herself a little black girl from Harlem.

Cicely Tyson

That little black girl became Cicely Tyson. That little girl, a daughter of immigrants, grew up in Harlem and was taught that an acting career was “a sinful path”. It is, however, that exactly through this path and more, this black girl had the opportunity not just to share her gifts, but also show entire future generations of little black girls what can be possible if you follow your path, your divine guidance, and let your inner light shine no matter what anybody tells her. Cicely also taught us that it is ok to say no and not accept everything as is or give in to how others want to see her. I think she stood up for what she believed in. And she always did it with grace, elegance, and a smile that still warms my heart.

Thank you, Cicely Tyson, for coming here as you. Thank you, God, for giving us Cicely Tyson. As she is back in your grace, we are ever grateful for what she left behind. May her spirit and everlasting laughter and joy live on in every little black girl. May every girl know that she too can become a legend and inspire millions to come. May every little black girl growing up be taught, uplifted, and empowered so she too can walk her path and know that everything is indeed possible for her too.

This post is dedicated to Ms. Cicely Tyson and all little black girls as well as grown gorgeous ladies. Know that everything is possible. Know that you are beautiful, cherished, and empowered.

Love, Barb

Barbara Bullock, spiritual writer

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Barbara Bullock, M.F.A., spiritual writer Copyright © 2021 by Barbara Bullock Photo credit: Photo created by Barbara Bullock February 2021 Photo and text by Barbara Bullock, February 2021. Disclaimer: This post states the author’s opinion only for a free personal blog that serves to inspire others and is not meant to represent Ms. Cicely Tyson nor her associates. It is not a judgment of any characteristics of any person mentioned. No harm or infringement intended. Barbara Bullock.