The Pearls and Souls Calendar is here!

The Pearls and Souls Calendar is here!

The personal blog Pearls and Souls, Barbara Bullock’s spiritual writings celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2022. This calendar contains 12 of the most popular images as well as inspiring words to get you through the year 2023. Through my travels and walks in nature, I try to capture the magic of nature and special places and bring them to you. This calendar contains photos of flowers, trees, beaches, the sun, clouds, and more. It’s not too late to give a beautiful gift to make someone’s 2023 more special. It includes quotes to remind you month by month what is really important in life. Get yourself a copy too and show others the beauty of simple, magic moments in nature.

Get your own Pearls and Souls Calendar at

or in the brand new Pearls and Souls Shop (more in my next post!) at

Next post: The Pearls and Souls Shop is open for business! Just like the calendar, the Pearls and Souls Shop is open for you. Find the calendar as well as the first print on demand products to make your life and those around you more magical, more beautiful, and more positive with the help of our Mother Nature.

Check out the shop at and look forward to more details on the project where you can be involved to shape the future of Pearls and Souls! In the meantime I look forward to hearing from you where you see Pearls and Souls going to help you live a better, more inspired, uplifted and empowered life.

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Barbara Bullock, M.F.A.