I am currently working on the following non-fiction books:

A book about a specific mother figure who has changed my life and how you can find yours:

Mothers come in all different ways. Most mothers are biological mothers I would say. However, let us not forget all stepmothers, mothers in law, adoptive mothers, earth mothers, and so forth. There might even be some ladies out there we wish were our mothers. What we all have in common is that we all have mothers in one way or another and our mothers also have one or more mothers in whatever form. This is the unbreakable bond, the thread of motherly love, which goes back to the beginning of time and connects all of us into the eternity of love and essence of existence. My book is a tribute to someone I love as a mom and a human being who has changed my live completely. It gives examples of inspiration and shows you how you can find yours.

A book about soul connections from past lives and how they influence my life and yours today:

I believe in reincarnation through regression have found out who I was in previous lives. I have also discovered similarities and shared connections to people I know in this life time. This book gives you an insight into my discoveries and how you can explore this fascinating topic and perhaps apply your gained insight to your current life time.

A book about religious tolerance and how it can help you to find peace in your life:

As the daily news often contain all kinds of conflicts, from world wars to violence in families, schools and communities, I seek answers in spirituality and discover that although our ways of prayer might differ, we all wish for the same – love and peace in our lives. This book shows how different religions can work and play together in harmony and how you can find your peace in your own life and contribute to a more peaceful, loving world on a global scale.

A book containing messages from the spirit world and how they can help and guide you in your life:

I have always felt guided and protected from some mysterious place. Over the years I found out that angels, spirit guides and the “true source” as I call what you might call God, Buddha, the Universe etc, are always there for me to guide me and protect me. In addition, I believe that our souls are eternal and that life forms such as human beings and animals simply change into a spirit form when they pass on. As we are all spiritual beings, I believe it is therefore possible to communicate with spirits on the other side. In this book I will share some of my experiences and communications as well as how letting yourself be guided and protected can enrich your lives tremendously.

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